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MXTIME Inc. is a company built by motocross racers, for motocross racers. We only offer professional service
 and products of the highest quality. Everything we sell, we either use or have tested for quality assurance.
Contact MXTIME Inc. at (219) 663-6941,  dave@mxtime.com or colleen@mxtime.com
from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm C.S.T. 7 days a week


  With 1400+ cylinder heads done, we have the experience and knowledge needed for your modern 4 stroke!!    
  "Our everyday goal is to continue to give better service, higher quality parts and 100% customer satisfaction."  

We are continually searching for better ways to serve you and the most up to date products and techniques to get you the best possible results....the choice is clear......MXTIME Inc.  


  • As the hardness coating of a Titanium valve wears off, it works its own "pattern" into the valve seat.
  • The cooling process of a valve takes place when it is in contact with the seat.
  • The contact patch between the valve and valve seat becomes narrow and uneven.    
  • With diminishing contact area the valve loses its ability to cool and overheats.  
  • Valve becomes soft and deteriorates rapidly * Heat is what Destroys Valves, thats why its usually one Valve that loses clearance (Intake, left on Kaw-Suz, Intake right on Honda etc.)  
  • The Larger Intake Valves have more mass and don`t disapate the heat as fast as the smaller Exhaust Valves.

  • When you install "new" valves in your head, the hardness coating can deteriorate up to 40% faster as the new valve tries to adapt to the uneven surface left by the old valve. Each time you replace valves, the new set will not last as long as the previous set.  That's why valve change intervals DECREASE with each new set!!
  • Valve seats are cut to perfect alignment with valve guides. Wide, uniform contact patch is restored!!    

THIS IS A 3 ANGLE VALVE JOB!!! (30-45-60 degree)

 125.00 & 145.00 seat cutting service includes:
Removal of old valves, cut valve seats to OEM specs.
Valves can be purchased separately from MXTIME Inc.

Seat cutting service

*4 Valve heads
 $125.00 (plus shipping)

  *5 Valve heads
 only $145.00 (plus shipping)
Our Stainless Steel Valves and Heavy Duty Spring Kits
can be installed in your ...
4 Valve head
for $425.00
(including seat cutting and assembly)  
  5 Valve Heads
 are $475.00

(including seat cutting and assembly) 
(Includes Valves, Springs, Base Washers,
Titanium Retainers and Seat Cutting)  

(One - Piece Ti Valves are also available)
  **Shipping Insurance can be added at additional cost**  
*Current turn-around time is 1-2 days*  
  Ship Head to:
4095 Westover Dr.
Crown Point IN 46307

Include, Phone Number w/ area code, and Shipping Address
Email dave@mxtime.com to notify that head has been shipped to us
When head is received we will call for credit card payment - or send Cashier’s Check or Money order with Head made out to MXTIME Inc.
MXTIME Inc.  Services  
   Phone:   (219) 663-6941    
   Email:   dave@mxtime.com  
   Hours:   Open 7 days a week  
10:00 am to 10:00 pm C.S.T.
 Gladly Accepted at  MXTIME Inc.